Mr. Jitesh Gupta, currently working as a PhD scholar under the guidance of Dr. Roy Karnati, Department of Animal Biology, University of Hyderabad, presented his work “Inflammatory cytokines regulate one-carbon metabolism in human corneal epithelium” at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Conference “Protein Synthesis and Translational Control/Metabolism” (PSTC), held in EMBL Advanced Training Centre, Heidelberg, Germany, from 6th-10th September, 2023.

The focus of this conference is on the process of protein synthesis, from the molecular and structural understanding of the translational machinery to its regulation, its implications in cell and organismal biology, and its alteration in disease. The EMBL-PSTC conference is one of the major international conferences in the field of biology that uncovers new quality control mechanisms to understand the interconnections in living cells with other cellular processes such as metabolism. This conference was jointly partnered with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).


The Trip was funded by the Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Hyderabad.