Professor Anant Paradkar, currently holding the IoE Chair Professorship at the School of Chemistry, recently delivered a Distinguished Lecture on ‘Innovation Management for Successful Translation in the Universities’. The lecture was presided by Prof. B J Rao and was attended by students, faculty and staff of the University of Hyderabad.

Prof. Paradkar is Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering Science at the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, as well as the Director of the Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Science (CPES) at the University of Bradford, UK. The CPES team conducts fundamental research mainly and works with companies to apply their research understanding to solve the industrial challenges.

During his lecture, Professor Paradkar emphasized the importance of developing an innovation management support system within academic research institutions. The CPES aims to ensure that innovations developed by academics can have a faster and wider impact. He discussed the journey of various innovations, starting from their ideation and eventually leading to their significant impact. In addition, Professor Paradkar highlighted the innovation to commercialization journey of “EfferShield” and “EfferShine,” two stabilised effervescent products based on crystal engineering-based innovations. He demonstrated that implementing an appropriate innovation management strategy, along with the support of the university, is a critical aspect of achieving academic entrepreneurial ambition.

Furthermore, Professor Paradkar mentioned that the innovation management model implemented at the CPES can be easily replicated in Indian academic institutions. He particularly emphasized the utilization of a crystal engineering-based approach to stabilize effervescent products.

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