Report on Workshop Innovations and Good Practices in Institutional Governance of Higher Education

Central University of Hyderabad enjoys such an autonomy which has created a very compatible academic environment for intensive research replete with profound ideas and innovations on several new research areas. Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao, Deputy Dean, Students’ Welfare of the University, who participated in the 3-day workshop on “Innovations and Good Practices in Institutional Governance of Higher Education” NIEIA organized from February 28 to March 2, 2019 in New Delhi, represented the research profile of the University of Hyderabad. He was deputed by the Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad for this purpose. In this report, Prof Darla reflected the views of the delegates who participated in the workshop. Disclosing the contribution made by the University of Hyderabad in the field of higher education, as delegates opined, Prof. Darla says that the University of Hyderabad is committed to explore true knowledge in research which has become possible due to dedicated teaching professionals.

About 46 delegates comprising Vice-chancellors of various Central and State universities, Rectors, Directors, Department Heads, Registrars, Principals of various colleges and Administrative Officers, participated in this national event. According to Prof. Darla, Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan, Vice-Chairperson of the University Grants Commission informed the gathering that that policy decisions and projects related to the digital humanities are the utmost priority of the UGC. In this regard, Prof. Bhushan clarified that Central University of Hyderabad is encouraging such research projects. The UGC is ready to give more grants to those who carry out researches in Humanities than in Sciences subject to the globally relevant aspects of the digital humanities. Prof. Ved Prakash, former UGC chair person, Prof. Rajan G.Harshe, former Vice Chancellor of Allahabad Central University were among those who appreciated the researches being carryout in the University of Hyderabad.

Discussion with UGC Vice chairman

Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao made a power point presentation in the workshop explaining the best policies being implemented in the University. His presentation includes: E-Governance deals with the student enrolment, hostel facilities, attendance, results, evaluation system, student feedback (it is online and anonymous) etc. Wi-Fi and internet facility for Faculty and Students, Departmental Research Committees (DRC) constituted for Monitoring Scholars’ Research Progress, R&D, Alumni programmes are some of the innovative measures initiated across the disciplines in the university. University has created a new Technology Industrial-liaison Entrepreneurship-Unit (TIE-U). Innovation Facilitation Centre (lFC) of NRDC: National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) has selected University of Hyderabad for setting up one of the NRDC-Innovation Facilitation Centres under DSIR Grants-in-Aid Programme 2018-19. A team from Nanyang Technological University, Innovation Centre Singapore represented by Dr. Lim Jui, Chief Executive Officer and other dignitaries accompanied by Dr Anand Govindaluri, Managing Director & CEO of Govin Capital PTE LTD visited the University of Hyderabad (UoH) for possible collaborations on innovation management on 23rd May 2018. As per the guideline of MHRD an Institution Innovation Council (lie) was created at University of Hyderabad.

UoH has participated in the first Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement 2019.The University has established Translational Research Centres with support under University of Potential Excellence (UPE) in some science departments.

Certificate from UGC Charirmen

Teachers are free to design their courses and constitution of Department and School Board of Studies, Academic Council Approvals, IQAC, Innovative teaching methods, Online Course Teaching, Graded Autonomy conferred on UoH – enabling new self-financing courses without prior approval of AC and UGC, Creating Students Assistance through – SWARG (Students’ Welfare fund And Research Grant), more Incentives for Best Research and Teaching Faculty, Reservation and Roster system, University Level addressing the grievances, Faculty and Students social outreach, basic foundation from College of Integrated Studies, Advanced labs, Support for Visually Challenged (Labs), NSS, Society outreach, Literacy awareness Programmes, Swacch Bharat, Shresta Bharat, Security, Psychological counseling System using solar energy, plantation, horticulture, sports with advanced equipment, maintenance of Yoga, Meditation Centres etc.

After the presentation, delegates of the various universities expressed their curiosity to know about some of the policy matters being adopted in the university. They wanted Prof. Darla to enlighten them about online feedback. Responding to the request made by the delegates, Prof. Darla explained to them that the feedback given by the students is kept confidential. No faculty member is accessible to the details of students who give feedback. Prof. Darla further stated that some of the delegates wanted to replicate the UoH’s best policies even in their universities too. Some of them said that they would contact Prof. Darla for this purpose. Highly educated delegates working in various institutions shared their experiences in the workshop. Addressing the gathering, some of the delegates felt the need for new inventions and the policies to be taken up in tune with the higher changes taking place in educational institutions.

Group Photo of NIEPA

Prof. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities; Prof. N.V.Vaghese, Vice-Chancellor, NIEPA, Prof. Kumar Suresh, Head, Department of Educational Administration, NIEPA; Prof. Rajan G.Harshe, Former Vice – Chancellor of Allahabad Central University; Dr. R.K.Chauhan, Formar Secretary of UGC and Former TGO University Nagaland, and Lingaya’s University; Prof.A. Mathew, Former National Fellow NIEPA and Senior Fellow, ICSSR; Prof.K.Srinivas, ICT, NIEPA; Prof. M. M. Asari, Former Member of UGC and Former Information Commissioner of CIC, GoI; Prof. S aumen Chattapadhyay, Chairperson, Zakir Hussain, Centre for Educational Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan, Vice Chairman, UGC; Prof.G.D.Sharma, Former Secretary, UGC and Former Director CEC, UGC and Prof. Ved Prakash, Former Chairman, UGC and Former Vice-Chancellor, NIEPA addressed the gathering with a special focus on “Innovations and Good Practices in Higher Educational Institutions”.

The workshop significantly focused on the academic strategies and autonomy as well in exercise of powers between the Centre and the State governments with the coordination and cooperation of various institutions. The workshop discussed issues like mobilization of funds, agreements o be made with various institutions, designing new syllabus, prioritizing employment opportunities, development of different fields, social development, long term projects etc,. The workshop also emphasized the participation of alumni in the policy decisions, proper utilization of existing resources, and invocation of transparency in both administration and teaching. It also felt the need for adopting innovative methods in teaching. The workshop cautions against the monotonous syllabus design and mechanical teaching. All the delegates opined that a greater attention need to be paid to the education system which would ensure analytical thinking in solving the problems.

Prof. Darla said that University of Hyderabad has adopted all most all the important aspects as expressed by the experts with experiences in educational and administrative fields. The University continues to follow the dynamics in tune with the changes taking place in contemporary higher education.

-ByProf.Darla Venkateswara Rao, Deputy Dean, Students’ Welfare, University of Hyderabad