Unveiling a series of innovative measures to leverage the recently conferred Graded Autonomy, the University of Hyderabad is set to energize its academic programs, especially its research components.

The Finance Committee and the Executive Council recently approved these measures.

Two new cadres, University Distinguished Professors and University Research Professors, to be instituted. These positions, awarded through a rigorous process of scrutiny by external experts, are primarily geared towards facilitating the highly productive and recognized researchers in the University. These posts come with specific privileges in terms of emoluments, facilities and workload (in terms of, for example, teaching and courses they can be expected to offer). The expectations are, naturally, of continuing if not enhanced output of quality publications, patents and other outcomes. With this measure, the University hopes to not only reward its best researchers but also position itself as a top-class space for research, where the work by such Professors will be highlighted.

Fast-track promotions for highly productive and high-impact faculty, from Assistant to Associate Professor positions are also initiated. The University acknowledges that encouragement in this fashion would attract faculty seeking employment even as it invigorates the existing faculty to work better. 

The University will also be amplifying the responsibilities of its Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), in keeping with recent developments and injunctions from the UGC about Academic Integrity, when promotions and appointments are made: subjecting the publications of candidates to qualitative rather than mere quantitative assessments. Plans to restructure the role of the IQAC to improve the mandate for enhanced quality control are also being proposed.  

Teaching and other responsibilities will be given weightage when it comes to promotions, since teaching is foundational to our commitment to the public institution’s key role in building the nation.