Dr. Vijay Kanawade, UGC-Assistant Professor and Mathew Sebastian, PhD Scholar of Centre for Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, School of Physics attended the 21st International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (ICNAA-2023) in Brisbane, Australia – https://www.icnaa2023.com.au/

Dr. Vijay Kanawade was an International Advisory Board Committee member of 21st International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols 2023 (ICNAA-2023) which was hosted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia during 26-30 June 2023.

Dr. Kanawade delivered a keynote lecture on “Recent Developments in Atmospheric Observations of New Particle Formation in India” at ICNAA-2023. In his keynote talk, Dr. Kanawade presented mainly the work carried out at the University of Hyderabad on atmospheric observations of new particle formation and highlighted the key knowledge gaps and a way forward for India in aerosol-climate-air quality studies in India. Dr. Kanawade also co-chaired two sessions on “Urban Environments” during the ICNAA-2023.

Mathew Sebastian, Ph.D. student of Dr. Kanawade also attended the 21st ICNAA-2023 conference. Mathew presented a paper titled “Characteristics of size -segregated particle concentrations in an urban location in India” at the ICNAA-2023. Mathew has published three first-authored papers from his Ph.D. thesis and several co-authored papers. Mathew and co-workers found that atmospheric new particle formation is not inhibited at high pre-existing particles in an urban location which contradicts studies published from a highly polluted location elsewhere such as Beijing, China. This indicates that the different chemical pathways may be active in the Indian context and recommends multi-site long-term continuous measurements of aerosols in India.


This work is also part of his doctoral study, which focuses on the improved understanding of new particle formation and growth in diverse environments in India.

The ICNAA-2023 brought together atmospheric and climate scientists from all over the world covering the major four themes such as nucleation theory and experiment, tropospheric and stratospheric aerosols, cloud drop and ice nucleation, and aerosol-climate interactions.

Dr. Kanawade received partial funding (4-days accommodation) from ICNAA-2023 as a keynote speaker. Dr. Kanawade and Mathew’s attendance at the ICNAA-2023 conference was made possible through the Institution of Eminence (IoE) project travel grant.