Yoga stands for the balance of body and mind, thought and action, achievement and self-control and the coming together of human beings and nature; it’s also about holistic health care, unity with nature and getting back to basics. University of Hyderabad (UoH) witnessed joyful participation of the campus community in the International Day of Yoga Celebrations today.


Prof. R. P. Sharma, the Vice- Chancellor expressed that the Yoga has been practiced by people from ancient time and it’s good for the humankind there is much awareness and practice of this ancient, traditional and invaluable gift of India to the world. Dr. VVBN Rao, Former Director of Physical Education at the UoH, explained about physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga; it’s not merely physical exercise but also a means of building harmony with oneself and with the surrounding. Solo and group demonstration of Yoga postures by participants from all age group, from 5-10 year old children to 70+ year old senior citizens, were presented. The ease with which many difficult Asanas were presented by the participants showed how a person can transform himself/herself by effective coordination of body, mind and soul through regular practice of Yoga.


Shri Ramakrishna, the Yoga Coach gave details of accolades that the participants from the UoH Campus community have achieved at the state and national level. This was followed by presentation of certificates to the winners of various competitions and the participants. As part of the celebration, a general Yoga practice was administered for all that included practice of specific Asanas and Pranayams.




The International Yoga Day celebration at the UoH was coordinated by its Department of Physical Education & Sports. Prof. P. Prakash Babu, the Dean Students’ Welfare and Dr. K. V. Rajasekhar, Assistant Director, Sports Centre were also present during the occasion.

-By Kumar Ashish, Research Scholar in Economics