The German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD Office recently hosted a two-day workshop on Internationalization at Indian higher education institutions, focusing on Structures and Services. The event took place on November 2nd and 3rd, 2023, at the YSR Hall, School of Life Sciences, in collaboration with the Office for International Affairs at UoH.

The workshop commenced with Welcome and Opening Remarks by Prof Chetan Srivastava, Director, Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad and the German Consul General, Chennai, Her Excellency Michaela Kuchler.

Notable attendees included DAAD New Delhi Director, Ms. Katja Lasch, Senior Advisor – International Cooperation, Ms. Shikha Sinha, and two German experts, Ms. Juliane Terpe from HTW Dresden and Ms. Katharina Pingel from Universitat Leipzig and Prof.Alok Mishra, Associate Director, Office for International Affairs, University of Hyderabad and other Deans & Directors at University of Hyderabad. The workshop had 25 participants who were selected by the DAAD from various International Offices of universities across India, who participated in an introductory session.

Prof.Chetan Srivastava, in his welcome address and opening remarks spoke about the Indian Philosophy of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”, “the whole world is one family”, and how India was a pioneer in the Internationalization since times immemorable. He spoke on how India was hub for the knowledge and trade globally, where he mentioned about the world’s first universities, Nalanda & Takshila, where global scholars were trained on over 250+ subjects. He spoke on how University of Hyderabad has been a doing its own bit of Internationalization since its inception, and how it’s innovative programmes like “Study in India” have been well recognized across the Globe. Now, with NEP 2000, the University will be doing much more in Internationalization.

He concluded his remarks by throwing light on how India always wanted everyone across the globe to be prosperous and happy, which very well is communicated through the words “Sarve Janah Sukhinav Bhavantu”.

German Consul General, Chennai, Her Excellency Michaela Kuchler spoke on the current global crisis and how humanity needs to address the global issues and look for the common good and no suffering of the people.

Following this, the program commenced with the two experts discussing the German approach regarding goals, distinctions, responsibilities, and services, as well as structural strategies and the establishment of both small and large international offices. Subsequent to their presentations, the participants were grouped, assigned specific topics, and tasked with collaborating to develop their insights, which were later presented to the entire audience.

On the second day, forty of the DAAD alumni joined the workshop alongside the other participants. The agenda featured presentations by DAAD officials on funding opportunities for cooperation programs, as well as a brainstorming session addressing future cooperation topics and projects. Dr. Naresh Sharma from IISER Pune also delivered a presentation on exemplary practices undertaken by an Indian International Office, focusing on strategies and activities.