University of Hyderabad is an influential centre of academic excellence and research prowess in India. Its recognition as an Institute of Eminence underscores its significance in the country’s educational landscape. With a rich diversity of disciplines and a strong focus on research, UoH offers a fertile ground for innovation and problem-solving across various domains.

The impressive number of patents and publications highlights the institution’s commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges. The presence of world-class faculty across diverse fields further enhances its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge research and scholarly endeavors. A small set of examples illustrates the academic achievements of the University.

Social Sciences Humanities Communications:

University of Hyderabad’s distinction in hosting two UNESCO Chairs reflects its commitment to addressing pressing global challenges through research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives. The UNESCO Chair on Community Media, led by Prof. Vinod Pavarala and his team, exemplifies this dedication by pioneering efforts to promote community-managed media worldwide. Their contributions not only include scholarly literature but also practical tools and manuals that empower grassroots communities, particularly in regions like South Asia, East & West Africa, and Europe. (The Team | UNESCO Chair on Community Media (

Similarly, the UNESCO Chair in Vulnerability Studies, under the guidance of Chair holder Pramod K Nayar and Faculty Fellows Anna Kurian and Zahidul Haque, serves as a vital teaching and research unit within the Department of English. Through elective courses, conferences, workshops, and collaborative programs such as the Joint Teaching Program with Queen’s University, Belfast, this chair addresses issues related to vulnerability and resilience. Additionally, the creation of open educational resources (OERs) and other materials further enhances the accessibility and impact of their work (UNESCO Chair: Vulnerability Studies – A Teaching and Research Unit (

Prof. Ajailiu Niumai’s ground-breaking research on human trafficking of the marginalised women and children in North East India and South India (with a special focus on combating trafficking, advocacy, influencing policy-makers, collaborating with NGOs, repatriation of the trafficked victims, including menstrual hygiene) has culminated in the introduction of an Elective Interdisciplinary Course (for M.A students) on “Human Trafficking in India” in UoH. (School of Social Sciences | India’s Institution of Eminence (

Natural Sciences

Prof. Naresh Babu Sepuri and co-authors at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences (School Of Life Sciences | University Of Hyderabad ( have for the first time isolated two distinct sub-populations of mitochondria from the liver of Wistar rats, cytoplasmic mitochondria and lipid droplet-associated mitochondria. Their study provides another dimension in ameliorating NAFLD for the therapeutic interventions of fatty liver disease. The paper in Nature Communications was also selected as one of the top 50 papers of all time in Nature Communications in health science division.

The Ramachary lab at School of Chemistry ( has made seminal contributions in developing new, green and sustainable reactions of both achiral and chiral version of reductive coupling, dienamine-catalysis, aminoenyne-catalysis, base induced ring opening, supramolecular-organocatalysis, enamine-/enolate-mediated azide–carbonyl [3+2]-cycloaddition and lawsone-mediated ppm-level catalytic reactions through organocatalysis. These findings have received wide attention from researchers world-wide and have been utilized for the design and synthesis of new drugs and natural products in more economical manner.

The School of Physics is a leading research centre in high energy physics, liquid crystals, astrophysics, nuclear physics. UoH is a part of two mega-science projects in physics-the LHC experiment at CERN and the “Indian Institutes in neutrino Program” at FERMILAB, U.S.A.

Dr. Bhawna Gomber of CASEST and students, are working on developing novel techniques for the trigger electronics; looking beyond the Standard model including dark matter searches, supersymmetric particles and large extra dimensions.

Engineering Sciences

The excellence in teaching programs of UoH is exemplified by the Technovation Award received by Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST – Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology ( from India Electronics Semiconductor Association (IESA), India’s apex industry body for Electronics Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing, as one of the best Skilling Entities in recognition of the hands-on training on semiconductor fabrication imparted to MTech students, as part of the course curriculum. The micro/nanofabrication facility, advanced materials characterization facilities, and spectroscopy equipment are just a few examples of the world-class infrastructure available for collaborative research projects.

These few examples of the world-class research and academic activities at UoH exemplify the multidisciplinary research bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise – and pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge within UoH.

According to the latest QS rankings, 7 disciplines of the University are ranked very highly in the world. These are Performing arts in the band of 101-120, English literature and Linguistics between 301-330; Chemistry 451-500, Economics and Econometrics in the range 501-550 and Life Sciences and Physics are in the range of 601-650 in the world

The University invites national and international scholars and researchers to collaborate with the 400 faculty members cutting across 12 Schools and more than 35 departments/ centres.

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