Life-time Achievement Award in Chemical Research for the year 2022

Prof. D. Basavaiah, Institution of Eminence (IoE) Research Chair Professor in Chemistry and former faculty in School of Chemistry at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been chosen to receive the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Gold Medal (Life-time achievement Award in Chemical research) for the year 2022.

Prof. D. Basavaiah

Professor Basavaiah has been working on the Baylis-Hillman reaction at the University of Hyderabad from 1984. Professor Basavaiah’s original work has contributed to bringing this reaction from its unknown-patent level to the present one of high utility and wide popularity. Baylis-Hillman reaction is a unique C-C bond forming reaction acquiring the contemporary demands /needs of synthetic chemistry such as atom-economy, C-H functionalization, and organo-catalysis. In fact, this reaction provides opportunities and challenges to work both in fundamental and basic levels. During the past 37+ years, Professor Basavaiah’s research group has been actively involved in various aspects of this fascinating reaction and has made pioneering contributions. In addition to his pioneering research publications that position him as a global leader in this field, he has also written authoritative review articles on this reaction, two of which have been cited over 1000 times to date. He has over 150 publications to his credit. He has an H-index of 42 with more than 8147 citations (for 130 publications from the University of Hyderabad with an average citation of more than 62 per paper as shown by SCOPUS as on October 05, 2021).