The Technology Industrial Liaison and Entrepreneurship Unit (TIE-U) of the University of Hyderabad in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Indian Patent Office (IPO) organized a one day workshop “IP-AWAKE : An Interactive Session on Patent Prosecution” 27th February, 2020,  at Zakir Hussain Lecture Hall Complex, University of Hyderabad.

On behalf of the organizers Prof. G.S. Prasad Director TIE-U and Coordinator R&D, University of Hyderabad, Mr. Shubajit Saha, Director and Head CII, Hyderabad, and Mr. K. Vara Prasad, Indian Patent Office welcomed the participants and explained about the workshop.

About 90 students, researchers and faculty from University of Hyderabad and nearby educational and research organizations participated in the work. Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar, Advocate & CEO, Wordict-IP;  Mr. Tarun Kumar Jain, Group Leader, SciTech Patent Art;  Mr. Naresh Kumar Jonnalagadda, Senior Associate, K&S Partners and Mr Vara Prasad Kukatla Asst. Controller of Patents & Designs, Patent Office were the resource persons on the workshop.  This workshop was part of a series of events being organized by TIE-U, Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) University of Hyderabad, and Enhancing Female Entrepreneurship in India (ENPRENDIA), a capacity-building project co-funded by Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Mr. Shailendra Kumar, CII and TIE-U office coordinated the organization of the workshop.

Contributed by: Office of the Technology Industrial Liaison and Entrepreneurship Unit, UoH