DST-UoH – Technology Enabling Centre has conducted a workshop on “Benefits of Intellectual Property Creation and Management for Academia and Startups” 7th July 2023 at Zakir Hussain Lecture Hall Complex, University of Hyderabad. Around 80 scientists, faculty, research scholars and students are actively participated in this workshop.

Prof. G.S.Prasad, Director, TIE-U and Coordinator, Technology Enabling Centre has given the workshop’s genesis and highlighted the importance of the workshop. He informed the audience that in future more workshop on IPR will be organized. Prof. Samrat L. Sabat explained about the need of holding such workshops and their benefits for researchers.

Dr. Subhajit Saha (Resolute Group) delivered the first session on the Importance of Intellectual Property for Researchers and Startups. He has briefed and given a clear introduction about various components of IPR. He has highlighted the importance of IPRs for Researchers and Startups. He has explained in detail various aspects of innovations and inventions. He has explained in detailed about Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design (SICL Design) and plant variety protection & farmers rights. His examples of many historic patents have motivated the researchers and students to file their inventions.

Mr. J. Naresh Kumar (K&S Partners) gave the second talk on how to add value to research. He has explained patent value and fortune 500 companies, year 1955 vs. 2015. He has shown few examples of power of patents, the coke can story and the story of post-it.

Mr. Shailendra Kumar (Resolute Group) delivered the next talk on overview of drafting & filing of patent in India and PCT application with a focus on Start-up. He has clearly explained the entire patent filing and grating process and highlighted what can be patented and cannot be patented. His point-to-point discussion on inventions, novelty, inventive steps, and industrial applications has cleared the many doubts for new researchers and about process of filing their patents.

Mr. Samrat Ganguly (HighRadius Corporation) explained on IPR Management for Researchers and startups. He has enlightened the IP strategy and how IP act as a shield and sword and how IP strategy decides finance for IP. Further, His topics on IP risk management, SWOT analysis and IPR policies recommendations have given more ideas to institutes towards the patents managing process.

Mr. Srinivas Maddipati (Eeva – Patent and Trademark) delivered the last talk of the workshop with a focus on registration of Industrial design and trademark in India. He has explained the basics of design patents, copyright and trademarks. His lecture began with explaining the objectives of design act 2000 and criteria of design registrablity. He concluded the session by discussing about Trademark in India.

The workshop was highly informative to scientists, faculty, research scholars and students. The workshop highlighted the basics of IPR, Patent search, Patenting Procedure, Industrial design patents, Copyright and Trademarks. The workshop also highlighted how to generate value for research and IP Management aspects. In short, the workshop provided valuable awareness and insight on the various aspects of IPR.

Dr. Ramprasad Eedara and Dr. Sunil Bobba coordinated the planning and organization of the workshop with other members of the DST-UoH- Technology Enabling Centre.