Mr. Jashwanth Prasad Kasala, MPhil student in the Department of History, School of Social Sciences and Mr. Manoj Jayakumar, Department of English, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad (UoH) have been selected as research interns at Freie Universitat Berlin as part of Direct Exchange Program.

Jashwanth Prasad Kasala

Mr. Jashwanth is working with Prof. Aloka Parasher-Sen on “Social Formation and Local Polities of Early Historic Deccan”. His research at Freie Universitat Berlin would be to study the “Roman Coins in the Early Deccan and their Implications in Understanding the Local Polities”. He is working under Prof. Lorance Winkler Horacek at the Institute of Classical Archaeology, Freie Universitat Berlin.

Manoj Jayakumar

Mr. Manoj Jayakumar, M.Phil Department of English, is working under the supervision of Prof. Anna Kurian under the topic “Early English Encounters with India and the New World”. He would be working with Prof. Sabine Schulting at Freie Universitat Berlin.