Prativa Mahanta, an alumnus of the Department of Animal Biology, University of Hyderabad has published a book titled ‘Life through the mirrors’ A Poem Collection. She has completed her Master’s degree in Animal Biology and Biotechnology in the year 2018-2020 from the Department of Animal Biology.

Prativa Mahanta

‘Life through the mirrors,’ is a collection of poems written by Prativa Mahanta. The mirrors of self-reflection are not physical but a state of mind that we can achieve in any place or situation where our hearts can see our own mistakes, inner beauties, and riches of life. Those reflective thoughts, growing and changing with experiences together, have made this book. The journey through this book will make you realize your own life’s dark side to understand and see the bright side with your own eyes. You will find the beliefs and stereotypes discussed and the described social and psychological evils. You will see the mysterious real villain of your life. You will see how the subjectivity of happiness, unawareness, and the wrong thought process of aware people affect the world in the wrong way. You will even meet the queen of success wearing the most beautiful crown sitting on the most mighty throne, asking you some daunting questions. You will see the green love and a beast lioness. You will hear the melancholy of mother earth and regrets. You will find the best you while reading the meaning of true bravery, the righteous you, and some life quotes. Towards the end, you will meet the human you have been waiting for after crossing the grey-coloured world. In the end, you will see yourself sharing your dreamland with the human you should.

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23-year-old Prativa Mahanta has co-authored over 35 anthologies. The art of making unspoken emotions alive for ages by scribbling them down on pages has always attracted her. Words can both heal souls and create wars. These beautiful and life-threatening realities always made her wonder about the world of scribbling. The beginning was only an observation of a beautiful day in the rainy season that made her inscribe some lines; she was seven years old by that time. It was never her first choice, but it was something that she never left behind. She has tried to represent something from the core of her heart, which she hopes will be helpful and eye-opening for all.