On April 8, 2017 University of Hyderabad (UoH) hosted an alumni reunion. A reunion of this scale was hosted first in April 2015. More than 150 past students came for this meet which witnessed some nostalgic moments. Alumni from the various programmes of the UoH participated in the day-long event.

Some of the alumni visited their respective Schools/Departments and interacted with their former teachers and associates recollecting their glorious days on the campus.

The alumni were welcomed back to the campus by the Dean-Students Welfare Prof. P Prakash Babu, together with faculty members from different departments. In his address, he emphasized the need for alumni to participate in developmental and social welfare activities of the University.


“It is very much required to have our own students with us to do good things today,” said Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, founder of the Alumini Association, UoH emphasizing the need for them to come together. The alumni of UoH should be with the University and help in its development both academically and financially so that the University can progress to find a place among the Best Universities in the world, said Bhatti Vikramarka. He said that the motif behind the formation of alumni association is to serve the university and the society. “Two institutions help an individual to grow and achieve in life, one is family and the other is society. Through protecting the family we pay debts to it but, most of us never give anything back to the society. The objective of the Alumni association is to inculcate a feeling of doing something for the society through the university.” He said.

Several alumni participating in the meet also shared their feelings. “It is great to come back to our campus and meet some of my old friends and teachers. It’s also a special feeling to meet some of the non-teaching staff who were so helpful to us when we were students here,” said Muhammedaly PP, who graduated with a PhD in Philosophy in the year 2003. He also did his MPhil in Philosophy from UoH in the year 1993.


Dwaraka Tirumala Rao, IPS, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Crime Investigation Department (CID), Andhra Pradesh and President of the Alumni Association said, “University education played a very important role in my life. This is one of the two institutions that shaped me. Other one is National police academy”. He also stated that the association will finalise a place shortly for having a Alumni building on campus.

Kim Reddy-Roll no 1 student of UoH 1976 batch in English (1)

Another highlight of the Meet was the presence of Kim Reddy, the first student of UoH, from English 1976 batch. Everyone was proud to have him who holds the roll number one, among them.

Later the Meet saw the alumni retracing their memory lines by taking a stroll around the campus and remembering the good old days which they used to have with their old friends. They also went around the stalls erected as part of the Students annual festival Sukoon 2017.

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