The DST auditorium in the University of Hyderabad (UoH) campus saw a colourful and mind-blowing performance. One that showcases facets of Indian culture, but the performances are not by Indians. Instead, the performers are students from foreign countries who come to UoH as part of its prestigious, one of its kind, Study in India Program (SIP).


At the end of both Fall and Spring semesters, SIP has the convention to organize this unique cultural evening.  This year too, April 8, 2014 saw the SIP students put up a spirited cultural evening at DST auditorium, performing for their Indian classmates, faculty and the campus community. The evening was an impressive show of talent that combined what the students had learnt in India with what they brought back from home.


It was a cultural evening with a difference where more than 40 students of the spring semester 2014 from different universities in United States participated in the event and captivated the audience with their talent.  It was a glittering evening with Indian performances such as Sitar and Kuchipudi along with Hindi skits but, the highlight of the evening was the enormous range of talent the students from the West exhibited.  The jiggling act by Mr. Thomas John Herzmark was very professional and was truly appreciated by the enthusiastic audience.


There were several students who performed western music, both classical and pop.  Each performance was appreciated with thunderous applause and whistles from the packed audience. The presence of Indian students shows the true integration of the SIP students into the life of the campus community.