The University of Hyderabad has had a long-standing Memorandum of Understanding with Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany, signed in 2008, and a Students Exchange Agreement signed in 2014, based on which an Erasmus + Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) was entered into in 2015. Both the MoU and the IIA have been renewed again in June 2023.

Professor Gunter M. Zeigler, President of Freie University, Berlin with Professor Alok Kumar Mishra, School of Economics and Associate Director, Office for International Affairs while signing the MoU at Freie University, Berlin.

Freie Universität Berlin is a university in Berlin known for its research in the Humanities and Social Sciences and the natural and life sciences field.

Since 2016 the Office for International Affairs at the University of Hyderabad has been sending four research scholars in their third or fourth year of study cutting across the disciplines to the Freie Universitat Berlin. As part of enhancing the institutional internationalisation strategy and networking to build connections with different institutions for potential partnerships, our Associate Director Professor Alok Kumar Mishra attended the Freie Universität Berlin International Staff Training Week, which is held every year where he had the opportunity to engage in various activities such as workshops, seminars and presentations from 26th to 30th June 2023. This program was specifically designed for staff members from supporting offices in higher education institutions, encompassing career services, networking, internationalisation, staff welcome services, university libraries, and those involved in International Affairs.