Mr. P Sardar Singh, Registrar, University of Hyderabad recently attended the 43rd Training on Management of Higher Education Institutes (MHEI) at the Galilee International Management Institute, Israel from 23rd January to 3rd February 2020. He was the only person selected from India for this Training Programme.

This programme is designed for higher education professionals in management positions. Senior participants of this program got a whiff into advanced leadership techniques; the latest trends and technological developments and gained international perspective on the academic field. The combination of lectures and study tours allowed for examining the organisational, political, financial, social and ethical factors that contribute to a university’s long-term success.

With management, business and innovation as keynotes, participants discussed the larger role of higher education institutions and their capacity to influence community and national development.

The topics covered in the seminar include:

  • Higher Education in the 21stCentury: International Perspectives
  • Historical Aspects of the Middle East Conflict
  • Strategic Resource Development Plan
  • An Academic Institution as an Engine for Industrial Innovation: Ort Braude Academic College
  • Transforming Basic Research into Innovative Start-Ups: An Introduction to University Technology Transfers
  • The New Learning Paradigm: Optimally Preparing Students for 21stCentury Careers
  • Funding of Higher Education Institutions and Students: European Perspectives
  • Competitive Strategies and Marketing for Higher Education Institutions
  • Digital Marketing for Higher Education
  • Economic Development based on the Israeli model
  • Perach Tutorial Project: University Involvement in the Community

The participants of this seminar were given assignments on:

  • Implementation of International Activities
  • Management of Higher Education Institutes

A session on An Overview of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Fundraising was also given by Mrs. B Needle-Shimoni. Participants also witnessed Israeli success stories up close during their visits to the country’s leading higher education institutes. Study tours were undertaken to The Menomadin Foundation, Herzliya; Ruppin Academic Centre, Emek Hefer; Weizmann Institute of Science; Weizmann House; The Clore ‘garden of Science’, Weizmann Institute of Science; Hebrew University Campus etc.

As part of Excursion schedule, tours were organized to Nazareth and Sea of Galilee; Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

This programme is designed for senior leaders and administrators in higher education, including Vice Chancellors and Executive Directors, Financial Managers, HR managers and Registrars.

During the last 43 intakes the institute has welcomed over 1400 professionals from 74 countries.