Ms. Manaswini Sen, PhD in the Department of History, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) received the Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) Fellowship (2022-23) for archival consultation in the UK. Ms. Sen working under the supervision of Dr. Vijaya Ramadas Mandala, with a tentative titled, ‘The Unsettling Decades: Mapping the Changing Trends in the Trade Union Movement of Late Colonial Calcutta (1930-1947)’, will help in establishing why the period between 1930 -1947 was a decisive break in Labour Politics of Bengal and how it finally turned into a full-fledged radical Trade Union Movement.

Ms. Manaswini Sen

Ms. Sen research interests straddle the fields of Labour History, History of Decolonisation in South and Southeast Asia, Intellectual History, and History of Surveillance in the Global South. She will be working mainly at the British Library and The Cambridge South Asian Archives during her stay in the UK. Additionally, she will be speaking at the

Foyle Suite, British Library, on 21 September 2022 as a part of the UNEARTHING THE SOUTH ASIA COLLECTIONS SEMINARS, organised by Two Centuries of Indian Print, British Library.