The School of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST) organized a distinguished lecture on November 16, 2016 delivered by Prof. Brian Cantor, Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford, UK, titled “Multicomponent and High-Entropy Alloys”.


Prof. Cantor is a world renowned scientist known for his pioneering work on various aspects of Materials Science and Engineering including multi-component and high-entropy alloys (HEA). He is one of the proposers of the concept of HEAs’. Traditionally, the development of engineering materials has relied on one principal element and alloying additions were made to this based on the desired properties. Examples of such materials include Ni-based super-alloys for jet engines, Al alloys for automotive applications, Steels for structural applications etc. In this radical concept of HEA, proposed by Prof. Cantor in the early 1980s’, all the alloying elements are added in equal proportions. As a consequence, an entirely new field of materials science and engineering was born,leading to new materials from which fascinating properties which were not realized before could be derived.


Prof. Cantor, in his exemplary presentation for almost two hours in the School of Life sciences seminar hall, described his journey as fundamental materials scientist, applied materials scientist and now as an administrator. In his talk which was attended by several faculty members and enthusiastic student community, he described his experimental findings as well as his views on HEAs and the global excitement that this field has created. In the end, he advised the young scientific community to be bold, ambitious with dedication and hard work while pursuing their high quality research.