The Junior Science Club, in collaboration with the Entropy Club, organized the annual Nobelium event at the School of Life Sciences on the 19th of November, 2022.


Nobelium is an annual event organized by the Junior Science Club in association with the Entropy Club, which serves as a forum for discussing the Nobel prizes awarded in Chemistry, Economics, Literature, Peace, Medicine & Physiology, and Physics. Each of them will be presented by distinguished Professors and Scientists in the respective fields.


The honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. B.J. Rao, and the CIS Director, Dr. B.V. Sharma graced the event as special guests.


The event began with the lecture of Prof. D.B. Ramachary, Professor of Chemistry on the topic “Discovery of Catalytic Click Reactions: Past, Present and Future Aspects” (for Nobel Prize in Chemistry). He elegantly explained the mechanism and applications of Catalytic Click Reactions.


The passionate talk by Dr Alok K. Mishra followed on “All you need to know about the central role of banks in financial Crises: (for Nobel Prize in Economics).


Dr B.J. Rao spoke about “What makes us human: Lessons from our Extinct Relatives through Paleogenomics Analyses” (for Nobel Prize in Medicine & Physiology). The audience received his talk well, wherein he discussed the origin and evolution of humans.


Prof. Tanweer Fazal from the Department of Sociology talked about “War, Terror and the Morality of Violence” (for Nobel Prize in Peace).


The fascinating lecture by Prof. V. Subrahmanyam on “Quantum Entanglement and Local Realism” (for Nobel Prize in Physics) followed.


Prof. Sowmya Dechamma gave the last talk on the Nobel Prize for Literature, titled “Literature and the Nobel”.


A healthy interactive session followed the conference which was organized by Junior Science Club under the supervision of Prof. G Manoj Kumar, ACRHEM.


For the year 2022 the Noble prize awardees list can be seen at