The Controller of Examination issued a circular stating the release of a new multipurpose card for the students, for the monsoon semester, replacing the old system of multiple cards. The new multipurpose card serves as a library card, mess card, semester registration and identity card which would be valid for the duration of a semester, i.e., 6 months.

Students ID Card

The new card was introduced as the students faced several problems with the previous system, said the Controller of Examination, Devesh Nigam. Apart from the complexity of maintaining four cards, the print on the identity cards fainted soon and had to be frequently changed and had no validity.

Students ID Card

The committee lead by Professor B.P Sanjay, Pro Vice-Chancellor and faculty in department of Communication suggested changes in the system, which would come into action from September 1st when the old cards would render invalid.

“It’s a new, student friendly move, so we would appreciate feedback from them regarding the same”, said Nigam.

The new cards have been sent to respective departments, and can be collected from there.

By Donita Jose, MA-Communication