C P Joshi

Dr. P. C. Joshi, Emeritus Professor at Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in the Asia and Pacific region (affiliated to United Nations) has given a talk on ‘Nuances of Satellite Meteorology and Status in India’ at the University Centre for Earth & Space Sciences (UCESS), University of Hyderabad (UoH) on 31st July 2013. In his talk at the CMSD Conference hall, Dr. Joshi stressed that the satellite meteorology has advanced significantly in India. At the moment three geostationary satellites and three polar orbiting satellites launched by India are giving data. The intricacies of retrieving the atmospheric parameters and their applications in Meteorology were discussed in detail with ample examples. Emphasis was given on the objectives and applications of recently launched the geostationary satellite, INSAT-3D. The challenges of the retrieval and applications of INSAT-3D were also demonstrated.

Dr. Joshi explained the meteorological requirements and the role of satellites world over in depth. He emphasized that monitoring of tropical cyclones using satellites have significantly reduced the loss of life and property. The utilisation of the satellite data in the numerical models and the subsequent improvement in the prediction of extreme events were also demonstrated.

The talk was coordinated by the UCESS. Dr. V. Chakravarthi, Director, UCESS gave the welcome and introduced the speaker.