The School of Medical Sciences at University of Hyderabad organized a two-day seminar on “One Health” on 9th and 10th January 2015 to draw the attention of veterinary sciences and public health community to the global challenges faced in the area of infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and food safety in India.


The Dean of School of Medical Sciences, Dr. Geeta Vemuganti welcomed the gathering, the Vice Chancellor for the day Prof. E. Haribabu in his inaugural address highlighted the relevance and importance of ‘One Health’. The two-day workshop coincided with the visit of Prof. Richard Cash from Harvard School of Public Health to occupy the Jawaharlal Nehru Chair Professorship at the University of Hyderabad.


Eminent researchers, social scientists and public health specialists Dr. Radha Rangarajan, Dr. Niyaz Ahmed, Dr. Purendra Prasad, Mrs. Salome Yesudas and Prof. Richard Cash delivered the lectures.