Nischaya, the civil services society at the university of Hyderabad had conducted a debate competition titled ‘one nation one election’ to stimulate young minds at the campus on a topic which is of national importance. The session was judged by Madhavi Ravulapati who is head at centre for law and public administration at the prestigious Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Telangana. The event was chaired by Dr. Krishna Reddy Chittedi who is professor at the school of economics and also a faculty co-ordinator to the society. The moderator for the session was Abhigyan Ranjan (MA Sociology) and Vaishnav Arun (IMA Political science). The event commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Krishna Reddy who hailed the society for its constant effort for bringing much-needed event of the kind and appreciated the guest for taking time from her busy schedule.

The session witnessed a healthy exchange of ideas at the conference hall (school of social sciences) amongst students belonging to various disciplines. The participants highlighted the nuance of the issue marking its positive and negative aspects. A student argued that ‘One Nation One Election’ is to reduce budgetary expenses by manifold and will help elected leaders to focus on the problems faced by people of their constituencies.

Another participant, however, countered it and mentioned that the scheme, if implemented, will be a compromise with the democratic spirit of our nation and pointed towards it loopholes. The debate continued for more than an hour with several intervention from the judge and the moderators.

Dr. Madhavi Ravulapati addressed the student after the completion of the session and attracted the attention of students towards the case of Panchayat Elections and Municipal which often goes unnoticed when the issue gets discussed. She also adjudged Swapnil Singh (MA Anthropology), Rohit Posa, Revanth (MA Gender Studies) as the winner of the debate competition. The winners were felicitated with certificate and Medals. The vote of thanks was proposed by Hadi Muhammad KK (IMA Pol. Science) after which the attendees dispersed for refreshment.