As a self-driven activity of the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC, Ministry of Education initiative) at the University of Hyderabad (UoH), the UoH-Innovation Club (IC) and the Junior Science Club (JSC) jointly conducted an orientation session on Creativity and Innovation for the benefit of students. A talk was given by Dr.-Ing. Vadali V S S Srikanth (Professor, School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, UoH). The talk primarily dealt with the basics of creativity and innovation, what they are and how they are linked. The definitions of creativity, the creation of novel ideas, and innovation, the practical application of creativity, were explained. The genesis of new ideas as a result of the needs and wants of society was explored. Along with it, how and when to look for possibilities, the requirements for innovation, and the conceptual blocks that can act as barriers to the process were explained.

Prof. V S S Srikanth

After a basic understanding of creativity, innovation, and the factors that affect them, the concept of autotelic experience was introduced. Techniques for the creation of new ideas were discussed, and brainstorming was elaborated upon. The symbiotic relationship between science and engineering was considered, especially how they’re both required for innovative solutions to be implemented in society. From preparation to realization, the stages in innovation were explained, along with the steps and requirements for each stage. The talk concluded with a discussion of the need and the components of a good ecosystem for innovation. It was emphasized that such an ecosystem, where anyone can innovate, exists at UoH.

Prof. Srinath (Faculty Coordinator, JSC), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Srikanth, Dr. Nagender (Faculty Coordinator, IC), and Dr. Swarupa Rani (Innovation Activity Coordinator, IIC) explained the different existing programs and procedures regarding innovation at UoH. They encouraged students to explore the opportunities when they have novel ideas.

The UoH-IC and the JSC shall continue to jointly conduct programs related to Innovation for the benefit of students.