In a thought-provoking panel discussion held as part of the ‘Cohesion’ event organized by the Entropy Club, experts from various scientific domains convened to address the challenges and opportunities facing women in science. The event ‘Cohesion’, which took place on March 8th and 9th, 2024, featured competitions such as Quiz, Debate, Science writing, Photography, Meme making, and Treasure Hunt in addition to the Panel Discussion which coincided with International Women’s Day, made it a poignant platform for discussing topics regarding gender equality and career advancement.

Moderated by Dr. Pallabi Mitra, DST-INSPIRE Faculty at School of Life Sciences (SLS) at University of Hyderabad (UoH), the panel comprised esteemed professionals from diverse scientific backgrounds. Dr. Manorama V. Sunkara, Principal Scientist at CSIR-IICT, Dr. P. Anil Kumar, Assistant Professor at SLS UoH, Dr. Sanhita Roy, Scientist at LV Prasad Eye Institute, Dr. Ajay Tumaney, Associate Professor at SLS UoH, Dr. Madhuri Subbiah, Veterinarian Scientist at NIAB, and Ms. Gayatri Ramachandran, Research Scholar at SLS UoH, offered unique insights and perspectives on the theme of women in STEM.


The discussion commenced with opening remarks from the Honorable Vice Chancellor prof. BJ Rao, Prof. Anand K. Kondapi, Dean of SLS, Prof. Naresh Babu V. Sepuri, HoD of dept of Biochemistry and Dr. Mohd Akif, Convenor of the Entropy club.



Prof. BJ Rao underscored the need to address broader issues affecting women in science rather than focusing solely on individual achievements. Rao emphasized the importance of mental resilience and competitiveness for women pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Ms. Gayatri Ramachandran elaborated on the distinction between a career and a job, advocating for continuous skill development and confidence-building among women.



Dr. Ajay Tumaney shed light on how the persistent issue of pay disparity is less pronounced in the biotechnology industry, urging recognition of skills over gender biases.

Dr. Madhuri Subbiah raised the issue of overlapping career and family planning ages for women in STEM, advocating for measures to support work-life balance.

Dr. Sanhita Roy emphasized the importance of self-care and physical well-being to combat fatigue during demanding laboratory work.



Dr. P. Anil Kumar shared personal anecdotes highlighting the sacrifices women often make for their partners and called for equal support and opportunities in STEM fields.

The event served as a platform for fostering dialogue, with several students and faculty pitching in their thoughts on the topic. The panel discussion concluded with a call to action for systemic changes to address gender biases and promote inclusivity in STEM disciplines and collaboration towards empowering women in science and creating a more equitable workforce.