Dr. D.V.K. Vasudevan (ViolinVasu), working as a Music Teacher in the Campus School of University of Hyderabad, has presented a research paper titled “Mechanisms and Challenges in Implementing Music Learning in Formal Education in the Indian Subcontinent”  in ISME World Music Conference on 21st July 2022, held virtually from 17th to 22nd July at Brisbane in Australia.

Dr. D.V.K. Vasudevan (ViolinVasu)

The conference is considered to be one of the prestigious conferences in the field of Music Education and Research
His work has been chosen for Presidential Presentation and also for the Conference Award by the organising committee. The session has been chaired by a noted Arts and Creative Educationist Prof. Pamela Burnard  from University of Cambridge.
Dr. Vasu has been working in the University since 2004. He also served the university as Cultural Coordinator,  introduced and taught the first ever music  credit course in CIS in the university of Hyderabad. He has been researching on Music teaching in formal education system in India.  He research includes curriculum development, course design, methodology to be followed at school, college and University level and interdiscilipnary resarch. He also advocates the need of policy change to reliaise the importance of bringing Art and Music education into formal education system  at the decision makers level for the entire country. He has published several books and research papers in international conferences and journals. .  He has been invited by various universities and institutions in India and Abroad to perform, felicitate and also to present his research work. He has thousands of followers across the globe for the free service and guidance he is providing through free music tutorials on various digital platforms.