Poly Rose has won the Best Poster Award at International Conference on Materials Today (MATA), organized by Elsevier, held at Singapore 2- 5 August 2023. He is a research scholar in the School of Physics, working under the Supervision of Prof. V. Seshu Bai and Dr. A. Rajanikanth. Travel to participate in the conference was received by him from IOE grants. Title of the Paper “Properties of porous Magnesia-stabilized zirconia ceramics fabricated by using slurry infiltration process

A novel process is developed for fabricating complex shapes of porous ceramic components of magnesia-stabilized zirconia.

The process employs slurry infiltration into polyurethane foam and uses environmentally friendly binders. The products with 40 % porosity exhibit compressive strength of 45 MPa and thermal conductivity of 0.5 W/mK and find use in bio-medical and thermal insulation applications.