Dr. Hoineilhing Sitlhou, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has won the Indian Sociological Society’s M. N Srinivas award for her paper titled “Patriarchal Bargains and Paradoxical Emancipation: Issues in the Politics of Land Rights of Kuki Women.” in the Indian Journal of Gender Studies.


Dr. Salah Punathil, Assistant Professor, Centre for Regional Studies and alumnus of the Department of Sociology at UoH is the joint winner of the prize for his paper titled “Kerala Muslims and Shifting Nations of Religion in the Public Sphere.” in the journal South Asia Research.

The MN Srinivas prize is awarded to those sociologists under the age of 40 who have published original work in a journal.

About M N Srinivas


Mysore Narasimhachar Srinivas (1916–1999) was a sociologist and is mostly known for his work on caste and caste systems, social stratification, Sanskritisation and Westernisation in southern India and the concept of ‘Dominant Caste’. He earned his doctorate in sociology from the University of Bombay and went on to the University of Oxford for further studies. Although he had already written a book on family and marriage in Mysore and completed his PhD at University of Bombay before he went to the University of Oxford in the late forties for further studies, his training there was to play a significant role in the development of his ideas. Srinivas served in various institutions of repute like University of Delhi, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Institute for Social and Economic Change Bangalore and National Institute of Advanced Studies Bangalore.

M N Srinivas received many honours from the University of Bombay, the Royal Anthropological Institute, and the Government of France; he has received the Padma Bhushan from the President of India; and he was the honorary foreign member of two prestigious academies: the British Academy and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.