Prof. B.R. Shamanna, School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad has been nominated by the Honourable Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Government of India as an eminent person for a period of 3 years on the Governing Body of the National Institute of Health & Family Welfare (NIHFW), New Delhi.

The NIHFW, an autonomous organization, under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, acts as an ‘apex technical institute’ as well as a ‘think tank’ for the promotion of health and family welfare programmes in the country. The Institute addresses a wide range of issues on health and family welfare from a variety of perspectives through the departments of Communication, Community Health Administration, Education and Training, Epidemiology, Management Sciences, Medical Care and Hospital Administration, Population Genetics and Human Development, Planning and Evaluation, Reproductive Bio-Medicine, Statistics and Demography and Social Sciences.

Prof. Shamanna started the master’s and Ph.D. program in Public Health at the School of Medical Sciences since 2013. Professionally, he is a medical doctor with triple doctoral degrees in Community Medicine, Maternal and Child Health & Social & Preventive Medicine and a master’s degree from the University of London and Fellowship from the Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He has been associated in various capacities with UNICEF, WHO and various state governments and institutions in education, research and policy advocacy through his 27-year-old career.

The current role provides him an opportunity to provide key inputs for the development of health policies and programs at the National Level.

Prof. B J Rao, the Vice Chancellor and Prof. Geeta K Vemuganti, Dean, School of Medical Sciences, lauded Prof. Shamanna for this honour and felt it was very richly deserved and showcases’ both the portfolio of the school and university.