Prof. K. Suneetha Rani, Head, Centre for Women’s Studies was invited to be a thought leader at the special TEDx Hyderabad Salon event on Women’s Safety SAHAS on July 30, 2023. The event brought together thought leaders, passionate individuals and change-makers who share a common goal of fostering safe and inclusive environment where meaningful dialogues can generate change. The event was conducted to foster a continued dialogue on women’s safety by promoting collective responsibility, understanding and empathy to achieve a culture of mutual respect, support and equality.

Prof. Suneetha Rani problematised the concept of safety by discussing the roots of gender inequality, patriarchy and hierarchy leading to the patterns of discrimination and violence against women. While doing so, she discussed the importance of  intersectionality of gender in understanding the problematics of women’s safety. She explained how the New Education Policy 2020 emphasises gender equality and safety in higher education institutions, by tracing the historical context of Mathura Guidelines, POSH Act, Gender Taskforce and the Saksham Report.

Team TEDx Hyderabad, the thought leaders and the passionate audience took a momentous step towards launching a state wide campaign in collaboration with various stakeholders.

Bhumika Women’s Collective:

Prof. K. Suneetha Rani, Head, Centre for Women’s Studies was invited to honour the position of President of the Executive Board of Bhumika Women’s Collective. The resolution was made unanimously by the current Executive Board in recognition of her vast and valuable expertise in Gender Studies, acknowledging her initiatives and participation in supporting the cause of women, and her relentless working towards elevating gender consciousness in society through her academic, extension and publishing activities. She is invited to share her insights on the programmes run by Bhumika, participate in building a future for the organisation by providing her experience and expertise during critical phases of the organisational developments. The term of the President of the Executive Board of Bhumika Women’s Collective is for two years and can be extended for another term.

Bhumika Women’s Collective has been working for the last thirty years to support women in distress and to take action against gender-based violence in the society. Bhumika’s contribution is crucial in  moulding feminist thought and feminist activities through their activism, counselling and publication of Bhumika, a feminist magazine.