Prof Shrikant Joshi, a noted technologist and founding Dean of School of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST) at University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been honoured with induction into the ‘2023 Thermal Spray Hall of Fame’ by the International Thermal Spray Society (TSS) for his outstanding contributions to the field at its Conference held during May 22-25 in Quebec City, Canada.


The TSS Hall of Fame, established in 1993 is a means of recognizing and honouring outstanding leaders who have made significant contributions to the science, technology, practice, education, management and advancement of Thermal Spraying.


Prof. Shrikant Joshi is a professor of the Production Technologies Center, Dept. of Engineering Science, University West, Trollhattan, Sweden since 2015. He has been teaching and guiding many students in the areas of spray technology, which has wide applications in surface coatings of materials. Before moving to Sweden, Shrikant was the Addl. Director of the ARCI (International Centre for Advanced Research in Powder Technology), Hyderabad. During his tenure for over a decade with the Institute, which had many technologies from the erstwhile Soviet Union, he played a key role in transfer of technologies to industry, facing challenges as well as developing indigenous ones.


One of the noted technologies was the use of the D-Gun (Detonation Gun), a device used in the thermal spraying process for providing, wear-resistant and dense-microstructure coatings. The Gun is capable of depositing a variety of materials and ceramic coatings at supersonic speed onto the surfaces.


He took a break from ARCI in 2008 and joined the University of Hyderabad to establish a new school. As the Dean, SEST (August 2008 to July 2009), he got an M Tech programme at UoH underway, formalized linkages for the school with various research institutions, got faculty posts sanctioned and laid the foundation for procurement of equipment for the laboratory, etc.