Prof. Tummala Ramakrishna, Professor at the Department of Telugu, University of Hyderabad has been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of the Dravidian University, Kuppam for a term of three years.

Prof. Tummala Ramakrishna

Prof. Ramakrishna did his Ph.D. in Telugu at the Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. His areas of Specialization are Modern Literature, Poetry and Literature, Creative writing (Fiction), Text Book Preparation.

Prof. Ramakrishna has also published many Research Books, which include, Baaristar Parvateesam–Oka Pariseelana, 1992; Parichayam (Modern Telugu Literary Essays) First edition 2004, Second edition -2014 (ISBN-978-81-908572-0-8); Bahumukham (Modern Telugu Literary essays) First edition 2009, Second edition -2014 (ISBN–978-81-8465-036-5); Abhichandanam (Lessons and Lectures) 2015 (ISBN–978-81-908572-2-2); Avagahana (Modern Telugu Literary Essays) 2016, (ISBN–978-81-908572-3-9).