Prof. Viresh Rawal, an eminent Chemistry Professor from the University of Chicago, USA, who was recently awarded the Distinguished and Prestigious Prof. Goverdhan Mehta Chair Professorship by University of Hyderabad delivered a keynote lecture on 6th March 2024 at the School of Chemistry.

His research has significantly advanced the field of organic synthesis and natural product chemistry focuses on developing novel class of hydrogen bonding catalysts, such as squaramides, for asymmetric synthesis and drug discovery. His group has successfully synthesized complex molecules, including elisapterosin B, pederin, the welwitindolinones, and strychnine, using concise, stereo-controlled, high-yielding routes.


His research group has developed TADDOL, a simple, commercially available chiral alcohol that catalyses highly enantioselective cycloaddition reactions. TADDOL provides tremendous rate acceleration and exquisite selection by hydrogen bonding, reminiscent of enzymes and antibodies for the selective formation of chiral enantiomer product. Most of his research has focused on developing effective catalysts for enantioselective reactions.

 They are currently designing compounds with potent anticancer or antibiotic activity. His lecture mainly addressed the total synthesis of the biologically important aspidosperma family of alkaloids, which is one of his primary areas of total synthesis.