Professor Christine Helen Foyer, FRS Biol (University of Birmingham), Janaki Ammal, Chair Professor, visited the School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, on 16/09/2022, and the Indian Academy of Sciences arranged her visit.  She is President-Elect of the Association of Applied Biologists, the General Secretary of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biologists, an elected Board Member of the American Society of Plant Biologists, and a Member of the French Academy of Agriculture. She is an Editor in Chief of Food and Energy Security. She is also a senior Editor for Plant, Cell, and Environment and an Associate in the Biochemical Journal, The Journal of Experimental Biology, and Physiologia Plantarum. Christine has over 400 published papers and currently has an H-Index of 96.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. B.J. Rao, The Dean, Prof. N. Siva Kumar, School of Life Sciences, The Head, Prof. S. Rajagopal, IoE Chair Professor, Prof. A.S. Raghavendra, and faculties of the Department of Plant Sciences welcomed Prof. Foyer. Prof. Foyer delivered a talk on “Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Plant Growth and Defence” In this talk, she focused on reduction/oxidation (redox) biology. Also discussed, primary processes (photosynthesis respiration) alter the redox status of the cell and associated phytohormone signalling under optimal and stress conditions. Further, the Faculties and students of the Department of Plant Sciences interacted with Prof. Foyer.