The last eighteen months has seen University of Hyderabad (UoH) being featured among the top ten institutions in the country.

The ranking surveys by – India Today, The Week, Careers360(Outlook group), QS World Rankings, US News and Reports, URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance)-(Middle East), U-Multirank (Germany), NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) 2016, NatureIndex, to name a few have given UoH a high ranking in India with specific references to academics, research, publications, patents, student achievements, placements and outreach.

Some of the rankings that the University has received in the period 2015-16 are as follows:

Agency Ranking of UoH

QS World Rankings : English, Chemistry and Physics among the best in the World to study for year 2016

US News and Reports : 13th among the Best Global Institutions and 8th among Universities in India for 2016

URAP-Middle East : 8th among the Best Global universities in India for 2016

UMultirank 2016 : Graded 1 and 2 in Research Publications & Patents awarded respectively globally for year 2016

NIRF, MHRD, GoI : 4th among the Universities in India for year 2016

Nature Index : 8th overall and first among Universities in India for 2016

Careers360 : 7th overall and first among Universities in India for 2016

The Week: 4th overall among Universities in India for 2016

India Today : 6th overall among Universities in India for 2015

Visitors Award : First Visitor’s award for the Best Central University of the country in 2015 presented by Hon’ble President of India


Research and academics have contributed to the higher rankings for UoH. Research has always been an integral part of academics at the UoH and it played a major role in its growth. At the University of Hyderabad, research is at the heart of the faculty and students who are actively engaged in research projects funded by national and international funding bodies of government and private agencies. Research has immensely contributed to the content of the University’s teaching and learning, and thus has helped students to know about the latest developments in a subject. Research collaborations with counterparts in other institutions both within India and outside played a significant role in the development of the university, its visibility among peers and its relations around the world. The emphasis on research has grown exponentially at University of Hyderabad so much that, in 1977-78 where there were just 16 students enrolled in Ph.D, it rose to 473 in 1990-91 and is at 1666 in 2015-16. In addition the University has close to 350 MPhil students besides a good number of M.Tech. students on roll too.

Schools of Study

The students of UoH, more than ever, are mentored to develop the critical thinking skills, a pre-requisite for research. Graduate students made a significant contribution to the research mission of the University through their creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication. They are involved in many of the research programmes of the University like Special Assistance Programmes of the UGC, DBT, DST, ICSSR etc. The output of the research not only enhanced the visibility of the University but also contributed to solve theoretical and practical problems and public policy-making.

Realizing the importance of scientific research in generation and dissemination of knowledge, for creating technologically sound and ethically vibrant human resources, required to build self-reliant nation, the University of Hyderabad has delinked the administration of research activities from the rest of the typical procedures to make it simpler. The University has created an independent Research and Development unit and brought all administrative procedures pertaining to R&D activities under the umbrella of this unit, which functions under the guidance of an R & D coordinator. The new initiative, after coming into existence brought innovative practices in research administration. The university now boasts of having e-governance in project management.

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The hassle-free administration of funded projects is bound to enhance the research productivity of the University community and encourage faculty to participate in research activities with full enthusiasm and vigor. The University has given one time Professional Development Fund (PDF) to all faculty to meet the initial expenses incurred while formulating the research proposals. The PDF is replenished continuously by the faculties as they bring in more research funds. The R&D unit establishes Industry-University network to bridge the faculty strength and industry requirement. The Technology Business Incubation (TBI) Centre, created in the University through the Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI, encourages both the faculty and research students to commercialize their innovations. Laboratory facilities available at TBI are open to the University community on nominal charges to optimize/ scale up process before actually establishing business enterprise. The University of Hyderabad, is striving hard to improve its infrastructure and to strengthen research base. In 2016-17 University has earmarked over Rs. 17 crores for infrastructural facilities that primarily support research, apart from teaching. In the years to come, University of Hyderabad is bound to become a scholar’s destination and inventor’s paradise.

To its credit the UoH has 17 (Indian and international) patents issued out of the 42 that have been filed since inception, covering various science and engineering research disciplines.” Out of the seventeen patents granted to nine faculty members 5 are Indian; 10 are US; 3 are European and 1 is a Canadian patent. Some of these patents are approved in India as well as in the US, Europe and Canada. Three of our patents have been transferred to Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) for commercialization.

Page 23 1As one of the Country’s most innovative and vibrant universities, the University of Hyderabad is recognised as being at the forefront of the frontier research agenda across a wide range of disciplines. The faculty of UoH are among the best in the world. It is not surprising to note that the University has 246 ongoing research projects worth 253 crore rupees.

The School of Life Sciences tops the research funding with 67 crore rupees followed by ACHREM with 57.50 crore rupees. The School of Chemistry has 37.55 crore rupees, DST PURSE grant second phase is 32.80 crore rupees and School of Physics comes next with 24.52 crore rupees. All other Schools and Centres have research projects worth 34 crore rupees.

In the years to come our focal will continue to be Research & Innovation with an emphasis on contributions that will shape the society. The faculty and research students/staff at the University of Hyderabad will continue with their commitment towards society-relevant, path-breaking research in the coming years. We would like to be one of the Global Universities to reckon with.

– Ashish Jacob Thomas