The office of the Dean-Students’ Welfare at the University of Hyderabad in collaboration with University Medical Centre has issued safety measures for the Students during COVID -19.

A few precautions to take to prevent COVID infection are as follows. All these are advised to be followed together and consistently all the time.

  1. Social distancing, a 6 feet distance is to be maintained at all times even while using public facilities.
  2. Hands should be frequently washed with soap water for 20 secs, especially after touching any surfaces.
  3. Do not touch your face with your hands. Clean your hands as above (point no.2) before touching face. Make this a habit.
  4. Wear a mask whenever you step out of the room/house. Any handkerchief or cotton cloth double folded will do.
  5. Do not self-medicate if you have fever. Take medical advice, telephonic advice from Doctor will also do
  6. Be positive…if you follow all of the above, the chances that you will be safe are very good.
  7. It is best to stay in well ventilated rooms with good airflow as this will prevent viral particles from stagnating at one place.
  8. Take enough care of the food and hygiene.
  9. Avoid direct interactions and activities such as group socializing, gatherings and group games and sports.

Remember, it is better to be safe than being sorry. It is better to assume that any person you come in contact with can be corona positive even if he or she is asymptomatic, and take enough care rather than taking a risk. If you follow the above precautions, chances of getting infected will be minimal.

For any need of Psycho-social support, our University Psychological Counselors are available to you for tele-counseling on the following numbers:

Dr. Hymavathi – 9515667087
Mr. Subhash – 8008477643

Links and toll free number of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ( are below:

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Behavioural Health : Pscho-Social toll free helpline-08046110007