The Research group associated with Professor Rajagopal Subramanyam, Department of Plant Sciences, School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) were selected for the “Sakura Science Exchange Program” sponsored by the Japanese Science and Technology from August 30 to September 10, 2018.

The main host of this program from Japan is Prof. Yuichiro Takahashi, Okayama University. The group visited Prof. Yuichiro Takahashi, Prof. Ren Shen, Okayama University and Prof. Wataru Sakamoto, Okayama Universiy, Kurashiki. In addition they also visited Prof. Toshiharu Shikanai and Dr. Ifuku laboratories, Kyoto University and have presented their research work. The group held serious discussion about their research work and exchanged scientific ideas between them. All these laboratories are renowned in the world and the students have learned many things from them related to science and culture. Later, they have arranged tour to different Shrines and temples in Japan to show their culture.

The group which visited Japan along with Prof. Subramanyam Rajagopal include Chinthapalli Dinesh Kumar (Postdoc), Nagati Veerababu (Postdoc), PhD Scholars Nerusu Aparna, Madireddi Sai Kiran, Nama Srilatha, Zamal Mohammad Yusuf Zamal, Chouhan Nisha, Yadav Ranay Mohan, Pandey Jayendra and Dhokane Kunal Babarao.