School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Hyderabad has celebrated Pi day in the Campus on 22 July, 2019. The event started with one of the illustrious alumni of the school – Prof. V. Suresh, Emory University, Atlanta, USA giving a talk on “Local global principle for norm one tori” in the seminar hall II of the school.

Prof. V. Suresh

Prof. Suresh began with a sound advice to all students to do all exercises in Maths text books instead of worrying about exams and marks. He mentioned that it is extremely important for all students to do so on a regular basis. Then he started his talk with simple examples of field extensions and slowly he developed the concept of norm and then moved on to the main topic – his recent research work. Just in one hour, he managed to capture the imagination of all students introducing the students to the vastly active area of research. It was clear that the talk reached all sections of the audience as many students and faculty members asked questions and got satisfactory answers from Prof. Suresh.

After tea break, action shifted to C.V. Raman auditorium. Dean-in-charge of the school Prof. Arun Agarwal addressed the students at the beginning here. He informed the students about the high standards that our university has achieved in various parameters. He also told the students about the high success of alumni of the school over the years. He mentioned how several funding agencies in India like DST, NBHM and NCM have supported activities of the school.

Then Dr. Chiranjeevi and Dr. Nageswara Rao of the school took over. They conducted a very interesting quiz involving history as well as problems in Maths and Statistics. In-between the question rounds, an ice breaker for freshers in the form of self-introduction took place. The event ended with students calculating squares of integers and the calculations went on till 82 when winner was decided. The students of the school – new and old – were enriched by the experiences of the day in more ways than one!!