Dr Shiva Ram Male, who recently completed his doctoral studies in Optometry and Vision Sciences from the School of Medical Sciences, UoH and pursuing his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Boston has addressed the relevance of colour vision impairment in from research to policy work- In his article entitled “Towards Conceptualising a Policy and Promoting Advocacy for People with Colour Vision Deficiency: Addressing the Importance of Colour Vision Deficiency in India and Creating a Global Reference Template.”  published in the very prestigious PIBBS-Policy Insight for Brain and Behavioural Sciences volume, December 2023 he has provided landmark policy prescriptions in the much-needed area of colour vision deficiency.

Shiva Ram worked in the School of Medical Sciences under the supervision of Prof. B.R Shamanna, Late Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj and Prof. Chakravarthy Bhagavathi, SCIS for his doctoral work. His doctoral work included delivery of a policy paper from his turnkey research work. He was ably supported by his DRC members Dr. Rashmin Gandhi, a Neuro-ophthalmologist from Centre for Sight Eye Hospitals, Hyderabad and Dr. Baskar Theagarayan, University of Huddersfield, UK.

The published work in the high impact journal received high accolades from the founding editor of PIBBS Prof. Susan T. Fiske, Emerita, Eugene Higgins Professor, Psychology & Public Policy, Princeton University, USA. She opined that although colour vision deficiency (CVD) presents significant obstacles, these early facts may serve as a foundation for future studies, conversations, and therapeutic strategies. She attested to the fact that reliable comparison data is notoriously hard to come by but somewhere, the field must begin. She was extremely buoyed that this policy document will be the first step in developing countries addressing the global impact of issues related to colour vision and its deficiency.


About FABBS, Washington DC.

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The Vice-Chancellor, UoH alluded that this augurs very well for the doctoral program of the discipline of Optometry and Vision Sciences which started in the year 2017 and has already produced 2 scholars of immense repute in the last 5 years including Mr. Shiva Ram. The Dean and faculty of school were profuse for this achievement and Shiva Ram thanked his supervisor and the research team who provided constant support and guidance for his research.