Edition VII organized by Center for Neural and Cognitive Systems, University of Hyderabad

Study of the nervous system is one of the most important facets in the frontiers of science. Nervous system governs our sensory perception, motor control, thoughts   and other cognitive process. Hence study of nervous system cannot be over-emphasized. More over progress in understanding in the area of neural and cognitive systems is essential for us to deal with disease conditions that are afflicting aging population all over the world.


Although neuroscience is of paramount importance to human life and health and is perhaps the last frontier in the realms of scientific advance, teaching and research in this area has been neglected in universities and most teaching institutions in India. SERB (SERB a Statutory body of DST, Government of India) Schools are intensive training course to create a strong force of young researchers capable of vigorously pursuing a career in neurosciences. One specialty of the SERB school is its emphasis on hands own training in the labs. To this end, we need to provide class room pedagogical teaching by eminent workers, drawn from all over the world, and facilitate their direct interaction with the selected participants for extended length of time. This will provide a unique opportunity to the participants from universities and other research institutions to get knowledge directly from the experts. Most importantly, interaction with leading internationally known researchers will serve as a source of inspiration for our participants.

This year’s SERB School is organized by the Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) from 9-21 December 2013. Its focus is to train people in the area of electro-physiology one of the experimental methodologies in neuroscience that enable us to monitor the activities of the neurons in the brain and understand how these activities enable our mental functions.


The school will train 22 students selected by an all India selection procedure and will be taught by a set of 21 faculty from India and other parts of the world who are leaders in their fields of research. It also has intensive hands on session in electrophysiology, microscopy and anatomical studies. The school is being coordinated by Dr. Joby Joseph and Dr. Kaveri Rajaraman of the Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, UoH