UoH Campus Cultural Center organized music concert ‘Sham-e-Qawwali’ on 1st March 2024. The program was organized as a part of SN school festival ‘eSseNce’ at amphitheatre. The Qawwali performers team was led by AIR artist Ustad Najmuddin Javed. The team included Shams Tabrez for singing, Sohel on Harmonium, Mohammad Rafi on keyboard, student from music department Karan Malik alumini Mohit Mehta for vocal support.

Prior to Qawwali concert two students from Department of Music Dattatreya and Suhita performed a mesmerizing classical jugalbandi in raga Madhuvanti. Then the Qawwali team took the stage and their performance was applauded with ‘once more’ cheers and several ‘farmaaish’ (demand request) for several songs.

Cultural Coordinator Dr. Aranyakumar organized the event and proceeded with introduction and vote of thanks. Around three hundred students enjoyed the music concert. Prof. Zaid ul Haq, Prof.Aruna Bhikshu, Prof.Janardhan, Prof. Noushad and several other Faculty from various departments were present. The event was funded by IoE UoH.