Four women and three men faculty members of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) are elected as fellows of the prestigious Telangana Academy of Sciences (TAS) for the year 2017.

They are:

Prof. Geeta Vemuganti

· Prof. Geeta Vemuganti, former Dean of School of Medical Sciences and senior faculty member. Her Areas of Interests are Adult Stem Biology research, cancer stem cells, Ocular tumors and Ocular infections.

Prof. B Padmavati

· Prof. B. Padmavathi, Dean of School of Mathematics and Statistics and senior faculty of mathematics. She works in the area of Fluid Dynamics.

Prof. G Padmaja

· Prof. Gudipalli Padmaja, senior faculty member in the Department of Plant Sciences, School of Life Sciences. Her areas of interest are Plant Genetics, Plant Tissue Culture, and genetic transformation.

Prof. Anita Jagota

· Prof. Anita Jagota, senior faculty member in the Department of Animal Biology, School of Life Sciences. She works in the areas of Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Brain Aging, Molecular Chronobiology.

Prof. S Venugopal Rao

· Prof. Soma Venugopala Rao, senior faculty member in the School of Physics. He works in the areas of Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Ablation, Femtosecond Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy, Laser Direct Writing, Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, and Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics.

Dr. V.S.S. Srikanth

· Dr. V.S.S. Srikanth, faculty member in the School of Engineering Sciences and Technology. His areas of interest are Surface and Interface Engineering, Nano Science and Technology.

Prof. R Nagarajan

Prof. R Nagarajan, senior faculty in the School of Chemistry. He works in the area of Synthesis of Natural products and their analogues.

Consequent to A.P reorganization Act: 2014, the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences (APAS) established in the year 1963, is also bifurcated into Telangana Academy of Sciences & Andhra Pradesh of Akademi of Sciences.

Accordingly, the new Telangana Academy of Sciences came into existence in place of APAS and the General Body elected the new executive Council of Telangana Academy of Sciences (TAS) under the Presidentship of Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao, Distinguished Scientist and Former Director CCMB, which started functioning independently from 30th April, 2015.

The aims and objective of the Academy are mainly advancement of Science and Technology by providing a forum for discussing Scientist developments, propagating scientific knowledge among the people and publication of books & journals on science. For the last 53 years, the activities of the Academy have added immense value to the scientific community and could successful sensitize the general public. The Academy in a bid reach the wider community and to extend its activities, has established in chapters at different parts of the state and currently Five Regional Centres at Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Hyderabad, Nalgonda, Warangal, covering 10 districts of Telangana State are actively engaged in realizing the Academy’s goals.