SOCH-UoH a science club was inaugurated on 5th June 2015 on “World Environment day”, with a motto to develop scientific temper in our campus students irrespective of their departments and schools. Science clubs are a fantastic opportunity for researchers to explore aspects of science that are always possible within the constraints of a normal timetable. In general science clubs motivate and encourage learners of all ages and abilities, said Akshita, a Physics student during inaugural session.

Introducing “SOCH-UoH” Deepak Kumar, Life Sciences scholar says that “These clubs can enhance the positive experiences that researchers have with science by allowing them to explore their own ideas and interests as well as by exposing them to role models (scientists and alumni) who may encourage them to think of becoming scientists themselves.


Prof. P Redannah, Dean School of Life Sciences who was the special guest during the inaugural session appreciated the effort of the scholars in starting the Science Club. He further suggested that the Science Club should focus on only scientific issues with guidance from selected mentors. He mentioned about the recent directive of the President of India, during Central universities Vice Chancellor’s meeting, on starting the Science and Innovation Clubs in the University campuses.


While inaugurating the Science club Dr. Uday Saxena, successful scientist and entrepreneur and alumni of UoH gave a talk on “Why and How I became a Scientist”. It was again a well appreciated arrangement and talk was really inspiring for the students and to know “How to start one’s career in science and how to be a successful entrepreneur”. He readily agreed to be the mentor for UoH Science Club.

Hari Kiran a scholar from life sciences again clarified the “motto” of science club in the house with the words that “The science club will be specifically dealing with the science and environmental related issues and will be conducting Talks, Seminars, debates, documentary screening, discussions, cleaning and plantation drives.
More than 100 students and scholars from the University including physics and computer science schools attended the talk.

– Deepak Bimala Ram