The Research paper by Prof. Ajailiu Niumai, Head, Centre for Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy and Dr. M N Rajesh, Assistant Professor at the Department of History University of Hyderabad titled, “Stigma and Exclusion: Challenges of Re-Integration of Human Trafficked Survivors in Assam” has been published by Sociological Bulletin, SAGE publication (SCOPUS JOURNAL). The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi has sponsored this Research Programme (2017-2019).


Prof. Ajailiu Niumai                                                                             Dr. M N Rajesh

This article attempts to examine the lived experiences of trafficked survivors and understand the utilisation of cultural resources to generate positive attitudes towards trafficked survivors while they present themselves as responsible citizens of society in Assam. It focuses on the enabling narrative of de-stigmatisation, challenges to cope up in everyday life, and re-integration of the trafficked victims. This article attempts to examine human trafficking in Assam from the lens of Sociologist Erving Goffman’s theory of stigma. There is anguish in the process of rehabilitation as the trafficked survivors require emotional and socio-economic stability or else they have a propensity to be re-trafficked. These survivors have been bruised internally and they take time to overcome their stigma, shame and gain self-esteem. This article concludes by trying to propose meaningful strategies for the reintegration of victims with their families.