An induction programme in line with the guidelines issued by UGC has been organized by the office of DSW on Saturday, the 26th of November, 2022 as a beginning of orientation to the students who have taken admission into Integrated Masters Programs and Masters level programs at University of Hyderabad for the academic year 2022.

The programme started with the national anthem. The session included an introductory session; an Information session titled ‘Academics and Life at UoH; and an interactive session titled ‘Know your University. The day being the constitution day, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. B.J. Rao read out the pledge and all the participants joined him repeating the same after him.


The programme started with the introductory session, wherein the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. B.J. Rao gave a brief address and congratulated the students who secured seats through CUCET in UoH which is one of the best Universities in the Country. He urged the students to constructively utilize the resources available at the University. He hoped that the students would flourish as the brand ambassadors of the University.



His address was followed by the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations Dr. Devesh Nigam, who presented before the students various services of the university and several factual figures of the students and available services.



This was followed by the Information sharing session titled ‘Academics and Life at UoH’ with the Deans and representatives of the Deans of various schools.  The session began with the addresses of Prof. Geeta K Vemuganti, Dean, of the School of Medical Sciences, Prof. Mary Jessica, Dean, of the School of Management Studies, Prof. R. Radha, Dean, of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Prof. Swamy, representative of Dean, School of Chemistry, Prof. N. Siva Kumar, Dean, School of Life Sciences, Prof. Ravi Ranjan, representative of Dean, School of Humanities, Prof. Dibakar Das, Dean, School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Prof. K. C. James Raju, Dean, School of Physics, Prof. Debasish Acharya, representative of Dean, School of Economics, Prof. Vineet C.P. Nair,  as a Chief Warden as well as representative of School of Computer and Information Sciences, Prof. G. Nagaraju, DSW and representing the School of Social Sciences. The Deans and representatives explained to the students the framework of courses, opportunities and the arena of the field chosen by them. They also explained about the importance of academics and various facts of life for the students in the university, and the precautions to be followed by them. They also explained about the do and don’ts that the students need to follow during their stay on Campus.


The last session of the day was “Know your University”. This session involved the interaction of several key administrative and controlling officers in the University with the new students. Deputy DSW – 1 Dr. G. Padmaja portrayed the functioning of the Counseling Unit with the supporting staff (two Psychological Counselors) through its various awareness and sensitization activities to the students and faculty, and explaining about both offline direct counseling services by the Psychological Counselors on the campus and also their online and tele-counseling services. She also explained about the current online counseling services provided by Your Dost services. Deputy DSW – 2 Prof. Santosh R Kanade explained about the Scholarships & fellowships and related services. Chief Proctor Prof. E. Hari Kumar explained about disciplinary rules and codes of conduct.



On behalf of the ICC Chairperson, Deputy DSW – 1 Dr. G. Padmaja explained about the Internal Complaints Committee. The representative of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gangadhar has talked about the services of the University Health Centre. The representative of the Chief Librarian Dr. Shiva Shankar Prasad explained about the library services. The students were also informed about the overall rules and code of conduct, about the security services, and the cautions related to ragging and anti-ragging procedures. The programme ended with a vote of thanks from Prof. Santosh R Kanade, Deputy DSW – 2.


Photos contributed by : John Michael & Rakesh Boga, MA Political Science


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