The University of Hyderabad (UoH), one of India’s Institute of Eminence, has announced the selection of its Ph.D. scholars for fellowship under the May 2021 lateral entry channel of the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellows (PMRF) scheme. The following 13 (thirteen) Ph.D. students are the selected Research Fellows.

Student Name School Supervisor Significance of the research

Ms. Akurathi Jaya Naga Sri

School of Mathematics and Statistics Dr. S Anjana Modelling and analysis of lifetime data with covariate measurement error

Ms. Sumi Rana

School of Life Sciences Dr. M. Muthamilarasan Targeted editing of phytic acid biosynthetic pathway genes in the nutri-cereal, Setaria italica for enhanced bioavailability of grain micronutrients

Ms. Km. Tanishka 

School of Life Sciences Prof. Mrinal Kanti Bhattacharyya Role of PfSrs2 in meiotic homologous recombination and it’s significance in development of multi-drug  resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Ms. Amrita Arpita Padhy

School of Life Sciences Dr. Parul Mishra Employing engineered ubiquitin to investigate modulators of deubiquitinases

Mr. Jakkula Pranay

School of Life Sciences Dr. Insaf Ahmed Qureshi Structural characterization of compounds inhibiting glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from leishmanial parasite

Mr. Nitin Chaudhary

School of Physics Dr. N. Sri Ram Gopal Applications and fundamental studies of ultrafast laser                                              patterning on different surfaces

Ms. Priya Mishra

School of Physics Prof. Rukmani Mohanta Neutrino phenomenology with modular symmetry in the seesaw model

Ms. Papia Panda


School of Physics Prof. Rukmani Mohanta Understanding the invisible sector- “neutrinos” via various possible models beyond the standard model

Ms. Archana S

School of Physics Prof. Surajit Dhara Topological defect mediated assembly and driven transport of colloidal particles in liquid crystals

Mr. Prasenjit Jana

School of Physics Dr. N. Sri Ram Gopal




Unraveling ultrafast energy dynamics with mid-infrared probes in 2D materials and biophysical polymer systems

Mr. Somnath Das

School of Physics Prof P. K. Suresh Investigation of quantum gravity through CMB

Mr. Sangoji Dheeraj

School of Chemistry Dr. T. Saravanan Photo-biocatalytic asymmetric C(sp3)-H functionalization: Class II aldolases catalysed enantioselective

α-alkylation and α-amination of ketones

Ms. Fathima Ali K

School of Engineering Sciences and Technology Prof. Vadali V. S. S. Srikanth. Novel graphenaceous nanocomposites as cathode materials and

solid-state electrolyte membranes for efficient Al-ion batteries

The National Coordination Committee (NCC) of the PMRF scheme made the selection of the above students. Each fellow under the PMRF scheme will receive a starting monthly fellowship of Rs. 70,000/-, which may increase to a maximum monthly fellowship of Rs. 80,000/- towards the end of Ph.D., provided the performance during the initial years of Ph.D. is satisfactory. Apart from this, each fellow would be eligible for an Rs. 2 Lakhs research grant per year. UoH was allotted 18 PMRF fellowships (14 lateral entry channel and 4 direct entry channel fellowships) for 2021. Against the 14 lateral entry channel fellowships, 13 were selected by the NCC of the PMRF scheme. UoH thanks the Ministry of Education and the NCC of the PMRF scheme for the same. UoH now has 32 PMRF fellows. Their details can be found at

Prof. B. J. Rao (Honorable Vice-Chancellor, UoH), Prof. N. Siva Kumar (Chairman, Internal Expert Committee (IEC), UoH), All the members of IEC, Prof. Vadali V. S. S. Srikanth (PMRF co-ordinator at UoH and Convenor, IEC), and the entire University fraternity heartily congratulate the selected PMRF Fellows. We all hope that the awardees bring laurels to the University by their high achievements in research.