The Students of University of Hyderabad are gearing up to elect the Students Union for the Year 2022-2023. Elections could not be conducted for two years due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  The Chair of the Election Commission, Prof Salman Abdul Moiz (School of Computer and Information Sciences); Co-Chair Prof. G Sridevi (School of Economics) and the eleven member team have been working tirelessly to conduct the elections this year.


Students will choose their Union office bearers comprising of President, Vice- President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Sport Secretary. Besides these posts students belonging to their respective schools will elect School Board Members, School Councillors and Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members. The much awaited presidential debate was organised by the Election Commission. The debate was chaired by Prof Sridevi and assisted by Commission members Dr. Sneha Banerjee and Dr. Naveen Nekuri. The debate began online at 6:10 pm on 22 February 2023.  Four contestants for the post of President presented their manifesto and made a case for being elected to the leading union post. Each candidate posed one question to their opponent to be answered in defence of their candidature. More than 3300 Students attended the debate online and in various places of the University curious to elect their President. Questions were also raised by the student community to the contesting candidates.


The debate can be accessed on the following YouTube link: