Hon’ble Governor of Telangana, and the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Dr. (Smt) Tamilisai Soundararajan, released the Book titled “Education as Development: Deprivation, Poverty, Dispossession published by Taylor & Francis Group, edited by Prof. Ramdas Rupavath, faculty in the Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH).

The book is an in-depth analysis of the educational development of tribals in India. Education as Development: Deprivation, Poverty, Dispossession is a significant new addition for understanding educational and economic setbacks experienced by the marginalized in India. The book focuses on how the social, economic, and education systems have evolved over time in India and identifies the scope of development in these areas. It also provides a rational structure for readers to understand how the Adivasi in India can be made to fit in the modern-designed education system, and highlights the problems of the marginalized – such as income inequality, education, health, housing, governance, civil society environment and infrastructure, and others which hamper their overall growth.  This book will be of great interest to students, researchers, and policy makers in the fields of education, minority studies, indigenous studies, sociology of education, and South Asian studies.

The Hon’ble Governor appreciated the book and felt that the book will address the most pertinent issues that the society is facing.

Prof. Ramdas Rupavath’s areas of specialization include Indian political processes, democracy, development, tribal politics, education and politics, pluralism and politics of accommodation and comparative politics in indigenous societies. He did his MA, MPhil and PhD from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has published ten books and a number of articles in national and international journals. 1.” Politics of Education in India: A Perspective from Below”, Routledge India, Global Edition, 2022. 2. “Tribal Education: Deprivation, Poverty, Disposition”, Routledge India, Global Edition, 2022. 3. “Indian Politics: Institutions and Processes”, Rawat Publications, India, 2022.4. “Tribal Land Alienation and Political Movements: Socio-Economic Patterns from South India”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom, 20095. “Telanganalo Girijanulu- Tiugubatlu”, Vishalandhra Publishing House, Hyderabad, 2014.6.” Democracy, Development and Tribes in India: Reality and Rhetoric”, Gyan Publication, New Delhi, 2015. 7. Democracy, Governance and Tribes in the Age of Globalized India: Reality and Rhetoric”, Gyan Publication, New Delhi, 2015.8. “Democracy of the Oppressed: Adivasi Poverty and Hunger”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom (U.K), 2020. He also researched for a brief period at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden (2009).

More information about Professor Ramdas Rupavath is available at https://uohyd.academia.edu/DrRRamdasRupavath