Professor Phanindra Goyari, faculty at the School of Economics University of Hyderabad, has published a full research paper in the Springer Nature’s SCOPUS indexed journal “Environmental Science and Pollution Research” (published online first on 25 August 2023) with his former PhD scholars Dr. Mallesh Ummalla and Dr Asharani Samal.


The title of the paper is “The impact of public–private investment in energy on environmental degradation: Evidence from major investment countries”.


The objective of the present study is to explore the impact of public–private investment in energy, foreign direct investment, urbanization, and renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on environmental degradation in major investment countries during the period 1998Q4–2018Q4. The study outcomes revealed that public–private partnership in energy is negatively and significantly impacting CO2 emissions in both the short run and the long run. Furthermore, foreign direct investment and urbanization are negatively related to CO2 emissions, while renewable energy is positively affected it. However, the coefficients are insignificant. Moreover, non-renewable energy has a positive and substantial influence on CO2 emissions. Lastly, study outcomes offer several policy insights to develop investment in public and private partnerships in the energy sector to reduce CO2 emissions in major investment countries.


Full paper can be seen at


Recently, Dr. Mallesh Ummalla has been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Economics in the regular position at the prestigious “Institute for Social and Economic Change ” (ISEC), Bangaluru. Professor Phanindra Goyari has also been appointed as the Nodal Officer of UGC-CARE Journals, Southern Region of India, whose office is located at the University of Hyderabad.


Congratulations and best wishes to all authors.